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Apple Watch Troubleshooting: Common Problems and Solutions

(1 days ago) People also askHow to fix Apple Watch not turning on?How to fix Apple Watch not turning on?Unpair and re-pair your watch:

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How to fix a stuck side button on the App… - Apple …

(4 days ago) "Stuck side button on Apple Watch" Nope. Everything comes up Crowns. I really do have a stuck side button. The crown is just fine. The side button, however, makes …

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Side Button Stuck : r/AppleWatch - reddit

(Just Now) The side button on my watch is stuck. It seems to be recessed a little bit. On AppStore: I rebuilded the Wayfinder watch face in pixel perfect shape of the apple watch ultra as native …

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My Apple Watch Band Release Button is Stuck How To …

(9 days ago) If you’ve had your Apple watch for a while, you might know the struggle of your release button getting stuck. In this article, you will learn why the release button on your …

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Side button Apple Watch S1 is pressing it… - Apple …

(6 days ago) Question: Q: Side button Apple Watch S1 is pressing itself! We all knew about the Digital crown stuck and rinse warm water on it but my issue is with the side button which is pressing itself a couple of times during the day, …

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Apple Watch button stuck : r/AppleWatch - reddit

(7 days ago) The side button under the crown is stuck due to dried up sweat that got in there. Can’t seem to scrape it off, and the watch won’t turn on. When I charge it it just flashes the Apple logo. What …

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Side Button Stuck? : r/AppleWatch - reddit

(Just Now) Best. Add a Comment. There is a guide on apples website for cleaning a stuck sidebutton. I’ll try this out when it gets back to me — appreciate your reply! Run it under hot water and click the …

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Apple Watch Series 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Side Button Not Working/Stuck …

(3 days ago) Apple watch 4 side buttons not working, apple watch side button not responding, apple watch side button stuck.

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Fixing the Side Button On The Apple Watch Watchaware

(5 days ago) The Apple Watch has 2 physical buttons on it; the Digital Crown and the “side button”. Considering there are so few inputs on this product, you would think that you’d use …

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What Does the Side Button on Apple Watch Do? - How-To Geek

(7 days ago) When the Apple Watch first came out in 2015, the Side button had an entirely different purpose. It was supposed to be a one-click method for you to send your heartbeats to …

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Side button stuck : AppleWatch - reddit

(Just Now) Side button stuck. Today when I was preparing for a run, I accidently dropped my apple watch from my hands and it hit the asphault directly on the side with the digital crown and side …

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Restart your Apple Watch - Apple Support

(Just Now) If your Apple Watch is charging, take it off the charger. Press and hold the side button until you see the power button in the upper-right corner of the display. Tap the power button. Drag the Power Off slider. After your …

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Power button is stuck - Apple Watch Series 4 - iFixit

(4 days ago) Options. +1 for rinsing for a minute under warm water, which worked for me. Context: after several days of swimming in salt and fresh water over the course of a week, after the last dip, …

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My Apple watch stuck in infinite loop tur… - Apple Community

(4 days ago) A: Hi. Try force restarting both devices (the iPhone first, followed immediately by the watch, whilst the iPhone is still restarting): - Force restart iPhone: press and hold both the Sleep/Wake and Home button for around 10 seconds, until you see the Apple logo. - Force restart Apple Watch: press and hold both the side button and Digital Crown

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How to fix your stuck Apple Watch Digital Crown TechRepublic

(3 days ago) Turn off your Apple Watch by holding down the button on the side until the Power Off option is displayed. If you’re unable to power off the device using the side button, …

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Apple Watch Stuck On The Apple Logo? Here’s The Fix! - Payette …

(Just Now) To hard reset your Apple Watch, simultaneously press and hold the Digital Crown and the Side button. Release both buttons when the Apple logo appears in the center of the …

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How to fix Apple Watch not turning on?

Unpair and re-pair your watch:

  • The Watch app on your iPhone takes a backup of your watch automatically when unpairing via the app.
  • Initially choose to Restore from Backup during set up (most data and settings will be restored, with some exceptions, such as Apple Pay cards, passcode).
  • If the issue persists, try unpairing and setting up as a new watch.

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How to turn off and restart your Apple Watch?

  • Press and hold the Side button.
  • Continue holding the Side button until the Power Off slider shows up on screen.
  • Slide the red and white Power icon from left to right. Your Apple Watch should power down.
  • Wait about 15 seconds.
  • Press and hold the side button again to restart your Apple Watch.

How to manually lock the Apple Watch?

  • You can unlock your Apple Watch using a four-digit passcode, using your iPhone, or by forgoing a passcode entirely.
  • You can change your passcode at any time using your Apple Watch or Watch app for iPhone.
  • A Wrist Detection feature automatically locks your Apple Watch when you're not wearing it, but you can choose to lock your Watch manually.

How to fix a broken Apple Watch screen?

Apple doesn’t repair broken watch screens, they simply replace your device with a new one. Since we’re talking about a brand-new watch, you can be sure the water-resistant seal will be intact. On the other hand, if you have your Apple Watch serviced by a third-party repair shop, there’s no guarantee the device will remain water-resistant.