Gig apps for a pandemic economy: part time, no …

The newer gig apps might help ease the labor shortage in England, where nearly all pandemic restrictions were lifted last month. Most recently, its “pingdemic” — by which the National Health

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Payment apps ‘painful lesson’: Much easier to be …

(6 days ago) Zelle. Venmo. Square. It’s estimated four of five Americans use digital payment apps like these. But what you don’t know about them can cost you. Just ask Brinda Gupta.

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Apple proposes to let iPhone app developers email users …

(4 days ago) In a proposal to settle a lawsuit, Apple says it would allow developers of iPhone apps t email their users about cheaper ways to pay for digital subscriptions and media by circumventing Apple’s

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Apple’s ‘walled garden’ faces Epic attack in app store trial

(5 days ago) The trial, expected to last most of this month, revolves around the 15% to 30% commission that Apple charges for subscriptions and purchases made from apps downloaded from its store — the only

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Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp part of major outage

(7 days ago) Joel Saget/Getty Images. Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp have apparently all gone down in a major outage. The social network and the Facebook-owned platforms all stopped working around 11:30 a.m

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Chicago gig workers who rely on cars make changes as …

(1 days ago) By Elvia Malagón. Jun 26, 2022, 5:43am PDT. Chicago gig workers who rely on cars make changes as gas prices stay high. Martinelli Quintanilla uses his car as an Uber driver in …

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We keep track of shootings like a box score

(4 days ago) By Neil Steinberg. Jul 8, 2021, 12:27pm PDT. We keep track of shootings like a box score. People watch a crew remove four bodies from a house in the 6200 block of South Morgan Street in mid-June

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Eisenhower’s warning about the military-industrial …

(3 days ago) President Dwight Eisenhower’s farewell address of Jan. 17, 1961, is just as relevant today as back then. Ike warned American citizens of the “military-industrial complex” and the dangers it

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Now the right-wing supports population control via …

(4 days ago) South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem addresses the North Carolina State Republican Convention on June 5, 2021. South Dakota, on a per capita basis, is one of the worst states for COVID-19 infections.

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Billionaire Ken Griffin tells hard truth about Chicago and …

(6 days ago) Ken Griffin, the wealthiest and most charitable man in Illinois, has the audacity to speak the truth about our city and state’s problems.Specifically, …

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Delivery app fees are again threatening our livelihood, Chicago

(7 days ago) Sky-high delivery app fees are killing my restaurant, owner says months after pandemic cap lifted TaKorea Cocina’s owner said last year he paid nearly $100K to third-party apps, which have

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How to watch the White Sox vs. Rays on Apple TV+

(6 days ago) If you have an internet connection, you can watch the game for free without subscribing. Go to the Apple TV app, which can be found on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV 4K and HD and It

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Kids Online Safety Act would help protect children from social …

(3 days ago) The bill, introduced by Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., and Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., would require apps to create stricter safety measures for users under 16 by default, including tools

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Controversial facial recognition firm barred from taking on most

(4 days ago) A settlement filed Monday in Cook County offers a stinging blow to Clearview AI, which has built a facial recognition database with more than 20 billion images ripped from popular websites and apps.

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Drew Brees pitches sports betting, problem gambling a worry, …

(Just Now) Brees replaced a spokeswoman for the same sports betting app who suggested we all could “make it rain” cash from the sky if we signed up for “risk-free bets,” which seems terribly generous.

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How to video conference for Thanksgiving: Our guide to Zoom, …

(1 days ago) The popularity of Zoom and other video streaming apps boomed over the last 10 months as many events and meetings moved online. The company offers annual paid plans ranging from $150-200 per year

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Women’s online data could be used against them now that Roe v.

(Just Now) Using apps that reveal relevant sensitive data, like your menstrual cycle. Being over-confident in using encryption or anonymous tools. The privacy paradox.

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Social Security and Medicare are horribly underfunded, but have …

(Just Now) Social Security and Medicare are horribly underfunded, but have no fear. Amazon is hiring! People would prefer to talk about UFOs with …

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Kids’ screen time: How parents can limit it as the COVID-19 …

(Just Now) How parents can manage kids’ screen time as the COVID-19 pandemic drags on Parents should look out for signs such as lack of sleep, irritability and reclusiveness in kids.

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